Dear guests!

Please read our rules and regulations carefully. Unless you provide objections or complaints prior to confirming the booking, Megazone rules and regulations are considered accepted by the client.

  • Guests are obliged to follow the rules and regulations.
  • Guests are obliged to abide by the safety and attraction related regulations. Instructor has the right to remove guests from attractions if rules are violated, or if guest behaviour is affecting other guests. Rules and regulations are presented to the guest by an instructor prior to using the attraction, and guest responsibility in understanding rules and regulations is assumed. Attractions affected are: adventure trail, laser game, Segway track, air balloon, rally car, and jump box.
  • Using attractions or touching the equipment without the instructor’s supervision is prohibited. Segway and air balloon can be used only when the instructor is present.
  • It is encouraged not to bring items which can be easily lost, such as jewellery, keys, phones, money, to the attraction. Please keep all your personal belongings in a locker, or in the birthday hall. Megazone is not responsible for the safety of any personal belongings of the guests.
  • Megazone attractions can only be used wearing shoes, and we encourage guests to dress comfortably to enjoy the attractions freely. Warmer clothing is recommended during Winter.
  • It is forbidden to disturb other guests in any way, including being too loud.
  • Megazone guests are responsible for reimbursing all costs for any damage caused to the facilities and attractions. In case of damages caused by a minor, Megazone considers person who made the booking, or a parent/guardian, to be responsible for damages. Guests are obliged to inform Megazone employee of any damage immediately. In case the guest fails to inform Megazone of any damage, a 50€ processing fee is added to the total cost of damages.
  • It is forbidden to take anything belonging to Megazone.
  • Megazone assumes the right to change price list and facilities at any time.
  • When booking an event, it is considered confirmed after Megazone has received a 30€ prepayment fee. In case the prepayment fee is not paid, Megazone reserves the right to cancel booking without informing the guest. A smaller prepayment fee is possible, subject to prior agreement with Megazone.
  • Megazone assumes the person who made the booking to be responsible for any minors attending an event, regardless of whether the person who made the booking is present or not. The person is responsible for the safety of minors, usage of attractions and facilities, and anything that takes place at the event. At least 1 adult supervisor must be present for events attended by minors. In case or any attractions and facilities used by minors, Megazone assumes parent/guardian to have explained all safety and general rules and regulations to the minor, and that parent/guardian is aware of their responsibility to reimburse all costs in case of any damage. The adult supervisor of any events attended by minors is responsible for making sure every person in their party has been informed, and understands all the rules and regulations. Megazone reserves the right to remove any guests from attractions should rules and regulations be violated.
  • Megazone is not responsible for any injuries or other health related issues caused by other guests or by the guest themselves, as well as any incidents caused by not abiding by the rules and regulations.
  • Birthday room must be empty 5 minutes to the hour. Guests may leave rented utensils and dishes in the Birthday room, or return them to the instructor.


Additional requirements and conditions for Megazone Adventure:

  • Megazone reserves the right to prohibit the usage of any attraction by a guest who Megazone deems unfit/unable to use the attraction in a safe way.
  • Guests are assumed responsible for using clothing that might get dirty or ruined during the use of any attractions. Guests are assumed to know and understand all the potential risks, health and otherwise, of using any of the attractions, as well as all rules and regulations that must be abided by.
  • Guests assume full responsibility using the attraction, and Megazone is not responsible for any damages, physical or otherwise, caused by guest not following rules and regulations.
  • Guests are prohibited from using the attraction until Megazone instructor has provided all instructions and safety equipment necessary for the attraction. Guests are responsible for ensuring they are capable and able to use the attraction.
  • Minimum height to attend the attraction unsupervised, is 120 centimeters. Guests shorter than minimum height, are only allowed to the attraction with an accompanying adult supervisor. Megazone staff monitors and assists guests during the usage of attraction.
  • Guests must follow all and any instructions and orders given by the instructor during the whole duration of their stay, as well as all signs and other information provided in the facilities.
  • It is strictly forbidden to attend the attraction without safety equipment as it poses a direct threat to guest safety!
  • Guests are obliged to use all and any Megazone facilities and equipment without causing any damage.
  • In case of any violations of any rules or regulations, failure to abide by instructor’s orders, or immediate safety risk, Megazone staff has the right to remove the guest from attraction at any time.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Enjoy your stay at Megazone!